BMe Genius Fellows are social entrepreneurs, innovators, and difference-makers who the world needs to know. They cure hopelessness, end helplessness and build community in places where the world’s leading social innovators fail to do so.

Their combination of authenticity, inspiration and total dedication is pure inspired Genius!

BMe Community seeks remarkable, authentic, committed black men whose works and stories speak for themselves. They are tested and unafraid, loving and powerful, and they live to make a better world for us all.

We award dynamic black leaders who are at the forefront of social change and genuinely care about making a difference in their communities. We identify amazing people, give them a genius fellowship award, and cultivate a brotherhood steeped in love that allows them build wealth and power together. Our geniuses have the solutions for building caring and prosperous communities. 

Our Genius Fellowship: 

  • Celebrates and values Geniuses for their community building efforts;
  • Recognizes Geniuses as experts in their field;
  • Strengthens and bolsters Geniuses overall reputation;
  • Provide training and resources for greater social impact;
  • Connects Geniuses to our national network and provide them a national platform.

Apply for the 2018 BMe Genius Fellowship

Candidates MUST live in either greater Akron, Louisville, Miami, or Pittsburgh.

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