“The Asset-framing session was fantastic and the flame you sparked continued to be fanned throughout the day.”

– Allan Ludgate, Director Strategy & Operations, Monitor Institute

For Whom is this Workshop

The increasingly volatile climate concerning race, communities and America's future makes taking no position highly conspicuous and taking the wrong position extremely costly. Adaptive executive leaders and managers in social innovation, philanthropy, and major associations overcome that immobilizing fear by applying an award-winning cognitive frame that engenders understanding, confidence and inspired constructive action. It’s called asset-framing. 

Asset-Framing Workshop Benefits:

“Very eye opening training that helped me rethink the framing and positioning of our organization. The information was relevant, enlightening and useful. The time went by really fast because we were all engaged, learning and sharing. Honestly could have used an entire day of this ”

-Trish Millines Dziko and Kimberly Smith, Co-founders National Charter Collaborative

Our 2-hour interactive workshop uses presentation, call-and-response, small group discussion, plenary discussion and humor to engage participants with knowledge from national and global authorities on cognition, racial narrative, social innovation and engagement. It enables participants to:

  • Open more dignifying relationships with staff and communities of color
  • Make a much more convincing case for 'equity' and funding
  • Surface opportunities where others may only see problems
  • Learn about actionable assets of US black community

Past & Present Clients