BMe Community Genius Fellows are black men who have sworn their lives to building stronger communities. They come from all fields and experiences. They create opportunities where others cannot. Their commitment is deeply personal and inspires trust from their peers. They are the bridge to better community solutions, better race relations, and a better future for us all.


BMe Community Geniuses are sourced and reviewed locally, then receive orientation, $10,000 for projects, quarterly seminars, monthly networking with local Community Builders of all races and genders, plus training and support on asset-framed community-building. The fellowship is lifelong.

Program ROI: Low Cost, High Impact

  • $300k/year
  • 30,000+ families helped/year
  • 50+ BMe branded community events/year
  • $100,000 directly to community projects/year
  • 1 narrative on how we all make it better together

Genius in Action

BMe Community Genius Damion Cooper is Director of the Baltimore Office of Neighborhood Relations. Years ago, he was also the victim of a random gang shooting near his home. Incredibly, years later, he met, forgave and began mentoring his would-be killer. Today, Damion uses that amazing choice plus the support of other BMe Geniuses to teach black boys forgiveness, focus, yoga, and coping skills. Grades rise and suspensions drop to zero. The inspiring 1-min Facebook video on his “Project Pnuema” received 4-million+ views in March 2017. BMe Community was the first to recognize, fund, and network Damion Cooper's Community Genius.