Seasons Change But BMe Philly Geniuses Stay The Same

Cooler weather, back to school, changing leaves and pumpkin spice everything!!! Fall is upon us and members of the BMe Philly community are headed full-steam ahead into October. Several BMe Leaders and Geniuses spent the month of September facilitating workshops,

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BMe Philly Genius Brandon T. Jones Talks About Authentic Entrepreneurship

Listen to BMe Philly Geniuses Brandon T. Jones on Community Voice Radio Talk Show 106.5FM in Philly as he talks about how to transform the community through authentic entreprenuership,

Philly BMe Genius Thomas Butler Provide Insights On Educational Tips

Listen to Philly BMe Genius Thomas Butler on Community Voice Radio Talk Show as he shares educational insights that can help to change and transform the lives of the youth and families in our communities.

International Day of Remembrance to be Observed at African Cemetary

On Sunday, August 19, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition (officially August 23) will be observed by the Key West community and friends at the African Cemetery memorial

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BMe Philly Genius Jim Burnett Talks About How To Invest In Our Youth

On this episode of Community Voice Radio Talk Show, host and BMe Genius Jeff Jones interviews Bria Young of Bria Young Basketball. Bria is the 14th woman to play for the world famous Harlem Globe Trotters. She also has a

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PEACE WEEK 2018 – Philly BMe Genius Anton Moore

Peace Week, is one of the most important and well-known events of the year in South Philadelphia. It is an opportunity to interact with community members, support parents that have lost children to gun violence and to provide free resources

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Summer In The City, The BMe Philly Way

For most, summer is a time of year to kick back, relax and refuel. But for BMe Philly’s Community Champions and Geniuses’ this is a time to continue the work of building, connecting and follow through. It is the time

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May 2018 BMe Philly Shining Bright!

May was indeed a month for the BMe Philly Community to shine bright! Through a variety of events, programs, presentations, and workshops. May was a month filled to capacity with positivity, collaboration, engagement, resource sharing, and celebration. From the “Healing

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BMe Geniuses in Philly Trusting The Process

That amazing story above about Philly BMe Genius Will Little won an Emmy! BMe Philly Community gathered to connect, inform, strategize and mobilize On April 9th, BMe Geniuses Jeff Jones and Omar Barlow hosted an informal networking and information session

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Hear What They’re Saying! Philly BMe Geniuses On The Radio!

About Community Voice Radio Talk Show on 106.5FM in Philadelphia Much too often all we hear are negative denigrating narratives about people in our City. This is especially true when it comes to people of color in our society. Community

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BMe Philly Geniuses Making A Difference

BMe Philly Geniuses are always on the innovating edge of dealing with the most challenging social issues in a solutions oriented way. For example check out the above video of BMe Genius Dr. Howard Stevenson’s powerful TEDMED Talk on “How to Resolve Racially

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Foundations Are Deepening Racism Even as They Seek to Fight It

Reprinted from Chronicle of Philanthropy, July 25, 2017 Ever since President Lyndon Johnson declared the War on Poverty in 1964, foundations have adopted a D-Day-style approach to joining in the fight: Nonprofit leaders (mostly white people) are the Allies landing

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#BlackMenLove: Top 5 Documented Reasons to Love Black Men

[Reposted from Huffington Post, Sept. 08, 2016] I encourage you to type “#BlackMenLove” into your favorite search engine for a surprising result. Today, most what’s said about Black men isn’t flattering and leaves out important facts. I know, because as a Black

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